Current Date: 14 April, 2024


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Rules For Article Submission

Read Our Guidelines Before Submitting

If you want to publish your article on our website, then you should follow the following rules.

1. Content should be of minimum 800 words.
2. Headings and sub-headings should be defined properly according to SEO.
3. Content should not be plagarized, we will check it by paid tools of plagiarism checker.
4. Content should be in short pharagraphs.
5. Grammarly mistakes should not be accepted.
6. Should have a high quality featured image in less than 500 KB.
7. WE accept only informative content, not promotional.
8. We take almost12-24 Hours to publish your post.
9. Vulgar and gambling type content will not be accepted at any cost.
10. Only one external link is allowed in content.
11. 1 interlink should be mandatory for submitting article.
12. For more query about the pricing and submissing contact us on …………..