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Best 5 Exercises in Winter to Reduce Belly Fat

Exercise is a tough activity in winter for all of us. There is no compelling reason for me to jog or even wear workout clothes. But after seeing many of my favorite vloggers and influencers preach abo

Exercise is a tough activity in winter for all of us. There is no compelling reason for me to jog or even wear workout clothes. But after seeing many of my favorite vloggers and influencers preach about their workout routines, it finally pushed me to adapt my fitness routine too. This led us to research that taught us what exercises to do to target our problem area, belly fat.

Like everything else, creating random exercise videos on YouTube capable of reducing belly fat doesn’t promise success, and we can find out through our struggles. You might think that the solution to getting rid of stomach problems is to do 10 extra crunches or hold the plank longer, but you’d be wrong. The secret to a flat stomach is an individual routine.  By doing regular exercise we can Control the cholesterol level of our body.

Here are things to consider if you want to change your lifestyle and pursue a healthy fitness program. When some people think of losing weight, the first thing that strikes to mind is a toned stomach. We hate to tell you, but doing hundreds of crunches every day is not the best deal to lose belly fat. No exercise promotes acne reduction.

Indeed, you can’t beat a low-nutrient diet – a healthy, vitamin-rich, and balanced diet plays a huge role in overall fitness and helps you achieve your goals. Here are some best workouts and exercises for losing belly fat, according to physical trainers. Get Tone Up on the 5 Workouts, which contains 15-minute full-body exercises you can do at any place.


This exercise works your inner core as well as your chest part, triceps, shoulders, lats, and quads. Because burpees include fiery plyometric movements, they also get your heart pumping.

How to do the exercise: Position with your feet shoulder-width apart and drive your hips back as you lower yourself to the floor in a low squat. Then position your hands just outside your feet and jump back so your chest touches the floor. Press your hands into the ground to lift your body into a plank, then jump with your feet just separate your hands. With the gravity on your heels, explosively jump into the air with your arms overhead.


Turkish Workout

The Turkish Stand is a 200-year-old full-body exercise that uses dumbbells and is a favorite of famed trainer Ramona Braganza. Although a bit complicated, he says whole-body conditioning is very effective.

How to do the Turkish standing: Hold a dumbbell by the handles with two hands and lie on your side in the side position. Lie on your back and use both hands to push the dumbbell up toward the ceiling until the weight stabilizes on the weight-bearing side. Extend your free arm and leg at a 45-degree angle with your palm facing down. Slide the heel of the weight-bearing side closer to your butt place to get a firm footing on the floor.

Pushing your feet off the floor, slam the dumbbell up with your weighted arm, and roll it onto your free forearm. Don’t pull your shoulders near your ears with the supporting side. Remember to keep your chest wide open. Straighten your elbows to the floor and lift yourself to a sitting position. Knit your front leg to the back leg. To protect your knee, the shin of the back leg must be perpendicular to the shin of the front leg.

Straighten your arms perfectly: wrists over elbows, shoulders over wrists over elbows. Lift your body to straighten your body. Rotate your back knee so that your back shin is in line with your front shin. Place your toes on the floor, take a deep breath, and stand up.


Like burpees, some people are big fans of this rolling plank exercise because it works your core, in addition to several other body muscles.

How to do the climber exercise: Get into a high plank place with your wrists right under your shoulders. Keeping your inner core tight, pull your belly button in toward your spine. Bring your right knee close to your chest, then bring it back into the plank. Then move your left knee near your chest and bring it back to Continue alternating sides.

Medicine Balls Burpee

Phelps recommends adding a medicine ball to your burpee to increase the strength of the workout and enhancement your metabolism while also building a lean six-pack.

How to Do the Exercise: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and hold the medicine ball in two hands. Stretch the ball over your head and then hit the ground as hard as you can, bending over and dropping your butt as you hit. As you lean forward, bend your knees. Place your hands on the floor outside your feet and jump over to a high plank position. Keep your body in a conventional line. Then, jump your feet back outside your hands so you are in a squat. Take the ball and slide it over your head, straighten your body and stand up.


Stretching is a burpee on steroids – a total body workout that engages as many muscles as possible and burns calories while toning your upper and lower body, especially your abs. It takes the conventional burpee to the next level by touching your chest to the floor and then pushing yourself against the plank as you continue the movement.

How to do crunches: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, squat down, and position your hands on the floor. Move your feet back onto the plank and lower your body to touch the floor. Push yourself up onto the plank, then jump into a squat with your feet outside your hands. Stand up. This is representation. If you would like to burn more calories, add bounces between each stretch.

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Of course, we’ve all heard this from health professionals or people who have to take care of their bodies for professional reasons, such as athletes and models – they all sleep a lot. A good night’s sleep has more benefits than we think because it doesn’t require extra effort. But most of us can’t sleep late and are prone to irregular sleep cycles, which not only causes you to wake up feeling groggy and not in the best shape but also dehydrates your body and causes bloating. Sleep is a rest period for your body and mind to recover from the previous day’s activities. So, take a rest after your workout to get a healthier body and mind.

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