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Benefits of Joining an Online Software Testing Course for Students in Canada

The finest advantage of studying a Software Testing Course online is that it is a whole new career opportunity.

The finest advantage of studying a Software Testing Course online is that it is a whole new career opportunity. All industries employ developers to build their software, and all software developers are necessary to test their software. Consequently, testing educational software online can open up all kinds of new job opportunities in different companies and industries.

As more websites, internet services, and applications are created, more testers are needed. So, it’s an industry with growth potential depending on how much education and experience you have. There are a variety of software testing training courses you can participate in online, some of which offer certification in this area. Certification as a tester opens up more job opportunities for you and gives you a greater chance of success. You can acquire all kinds of skills through virtual education in various fields and training. And meanwhile, software testers work virtually, so it makes sense to acquire these skills online too.

Why Software Testing Course is a great career choice among freshers?

What is Software Testing Course in simple language: Testing checks whether your product or service meets requirements and analyzes it from the end customer’s point of view.

10 typical reasons why Software Testing Course is a great career opportunity:

1. S/W test desired:

In the era of the virtual world, whether it’s education, money management, or healthcare, everyone is going digital. The huge rivalry to develop products and offer services online is increasing. It creates multiple startups and entrepreneurs.

There are so many ways for software products or software services BUT what matters is the quality. And when it comes to quality, testing/QA comes into play. So B/W testing is in high demand and if you know automation then you are supporting the company.

2. Testers are well paid:

Many people think that software testers are getting less money than developers. But that’s not the fact. For testers or developers, the salary scale is the same. Then it depends on your judgment where you have to prove yourself.

Companies get promoted depending on your capability, where your designation is irrelevant. But your domain knowledge, certificates, etc. It must be important.

As an experienced resource, if you are changing companies, your salary will depend on your previous salary, current IT status, position sought, and skills appeal.

3. Fairly easy entrance to IT via software testing:

Most of the MNC eligibility for software /QA examiners are: Academic qualifications must be: Any science graduate with a B.Sc, BCA, M.Sc, MCA, or engineering degree.

If you come from a non-scientific background, we still have hope for you. Some companies accept non-scientists such as CAs, and doctors for certain fields such as banking or healthcare. Then you need a specialist who will check customer desires and usage based on his knowledge.

4. Going from development to testing is easy:

If you’re fed up with development or don’t think coding is attractive for you and want to move on to something else within IT, testing is a good option to consider. Being involved in software development means that you are info about the software development life cycle. Knowing how to develop applications implies knowing how to test their correctness. Your coding skills are an added extra, or you can opt for testing, or you are a Java developer, learning Selenium and moving to automation is much best way. The Software Testing Course Canada is suitable for new software testers.

5. Testing tools are easier to use:

If you don’t have IT experience and want to jump in, you can learn about test automation tools from some best testing institutes. The tools are fairly easy to use and once you get the hang of them you can use them for any application.

Many optional courses teach you testing tools like UFT and Selenium which are in high demand today.

6. Types of work from 9 to 6:

We wouldn’t say it’s anytime or entirely a 9-to-6 job, but yes, compared to development, you have less workload or pressure, at least in the initial phase.

But here too, as we said, not anytime, because with agile testing you are always in output delivery mode, and in some cases, there is a customer call to resolve errors or to understand requirements.

7. Good local option:

In so many projects, for example, banks, where testers need to recognize the requirements exactly, they have to work closely with the customer on-site. Even if there are data protection issues, you will have the path to work on customer sites. Many customers prefer close cooperation with testers. So, you have a good chance to work in a place that most Indians dream of.

8. Able to work as a freelancer:

Many people don’t want to have a steady 9-to-6 job but do want to work when and where it suits them. In this case, you can work as a freelancer.

Many startups or many small companies wish their work to be done by freelancers. When they turn in a task, you as the test technician can estimate how long it will take to complete it and whether or not they pay you hourly. test cases that you will run.

There are many websites online like and where you can get a trial project to work on.

9. You recovered relatively quickly after a career break:

If you’ve been testing for a while and have some experience, you probably won’t forget the basics.  So, if you need to take a career break due to marriage, kids, or some other reason, you can easily smooth things over in much less time and still pass the theoretical interview.

Or even if you’re on vacation, you can read up on the latest events on test blogs and forums and learn about current trends.

10. Starting your career from exams to college degrees is easy:

If you have extensive testing/QA experience and feel the need to improve your skills and profile. If you are not interested in the same job, a Business Analyst can also be a very good choice for QA to change careers. BA is certainly a better-paying job than a manual tester. If you wish to change your career goal and you should have the following skills

    • Very good domain knowledge.

    • Good communication skills.

    • Mastering MS Word and Excel.

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